48 hours-North Cascades NP

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The highlight during this last minute Autumn road trip; the park was empty, air crisp and it was perfect! Less than three hours from Seattle, North Cascades National Park has low hanging clouds and fascinating lakes. Lakes with capable (when plan way ahead) access to cabins/hiking trails/campgrounds across once you are ferry across to the other side. Remote getaway from the ordinary? YES. Chelan Lake and Ross Lake Resort are the most seek out destinations in the park with this setup which include jaw-dropping lake views and mountain panoramic vistas to drool over.  For example, to get to Ross Lake Resort you have to hike down 1 mile to the lake from main highway, pick up a phone for a boat to scoop you up and ferry you to the floating cabins with killer views (all must be reserved in advance). Watch out Ross Lake Resort…I am coming for you on my next visit with reservations in these floating cabins.

When President Lyndon Johnson signed the North Cascades into national park status in 1968, he was ultimately protecting 500,000 acres of old-growth cedar + ponderosa pine forest and some 300 glaciers. Yes, I wrote correctly 300 glaciers. This park is massive where you will pass along the main highway 20 a series of dams. Skagit River Hydroelectric Project,  provides Seattle with power. Cool! In 48 hours we drove from one end of the park to the other into nearby National Forests. Many lakes, afar glaciers, dams, hiking in snow and stopping by a quaint Nordic skiing town (Mazama) was worth the short weekend trip.

Washington Pass Overlook
Washington Pass Overlook main parking lot

Our Bookings/Visits

Friday – Sunday

Buffalo Run Inn – Super clean 2-night stay (room#5) with lavish wildlife theme

Washington Pass Overlook Site–  From State Route 20 we hiked uphill to this 5,477-foot pass in Eastern Washington now. Snowshoes would of helped! Whoops.

The Mazama Store – Family owned + operated general everything store store we visited driving along Highway 20…espresso anyone? (HOURS EVERYDAY 7am-6pm)


Started @ Colonial Creek for a 3.5 mile morning hike to a suspension wood bridge and back


Daylight filtering through our morning hike

FZL enjoying the turquoise color stream

What would I do different next time around? Stay a few nights at @ Ross Lake Resort which has twelve individual cabins + three bunkhouses built on log floats or @ the lovely Lake Chelan  area to splurge a bit more.

What would you do differently on your visit?

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