About Me

Founder ~ Adventurer Seeker ~ Nature Lover

First generation. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, it was always an excitement to get out on a road trip with my family and especially with my dad. Long and fun drives to Florida and the Mid-Atlantic region in fall/summer was a real treat. My best guess is I get adventure seeking from him and my dedication to completing and setting goals from my mother. A great mix to see what the world has to offer!

I moved to the San Francisco over 5 years ago for more hiking trails and mountains in my background…I haven’t left since. It was a huge leap of faith to fuse my passion of the outdoors on a one-way ticket, moving to a new place with no friends or family.

After my 34th birthday it struck me to start a blog of my unique experiences, cabin stays, group trips and roadtrips to everyone who has interest for it. It bloomed from knowing zero about blogging to buying a domain, attending a blog workshop, creating a website and writing post from my small apartment in San Francisco with views of Golden Gate Bridge and Marin (pretty sweet for now). The joys! I have been a passionate traveler since I can remember, I want to use my knowledge and insight for your upcoming outdoor trips. I will only review places and experiences I have had first-hand.

When I am not working, I thrive on exploring my surroundings, new places, hiking, unique adventures or little known path. This blog is meant to help you be inspired, bring you ideas and information to visit places + stays for a memorable outdoor experience.

Some of my trips squeeze a week’s worth of discovery into a weekend or a 24 hour trip for a almost see-it-all extravaganza. These trips are typically not on the high budget end but generally trips that look and feel as a local with some adventure seeking vibes. Stay in a Fire Lookout overnight, roadtrip ideas and of course the cabin life! I may sometimes have a quick dance break looking ridiculous but feeling unstoppable. Hope your able to peek around!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about what this site means to me.

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