Steep Ravine Cabin Vibes

A overnight stay with Whale watching and starry skies…oh my!


This one night stay in May of 2016 ruined my expectations for future cabins overnights. There are nine cabins perched high up on the side of a cliff, each cabin has a spectacular view of the ocean while Whales are passing by…seriously?! Beautiful old/solid dark wood used for the cabin and in impeccable condition…you don’t say. We didn’t want to leave and one night was merrily not enough for this girls trip getaway just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The nine cabins are located on Mt. Tamalpais, just to the north of San Francisco and each inside a picnic table, bench, sleeping platforms. My favorite place for cabin camping and unplugging…I must say there is a huge following for this type of cabin camping and I get it now! Yes, I booked it again for a stay in 2017.


Thursday to Friday – Cabin #5

Drive from San Francisco,CA to Steep Ravine Cabins (45 mins)

The See’s + Do’s

There is walking trail path that wind around the cliff and down to the secluded beach. We visited in May and the water was still cold/rough for a swim. We just walked around for exploring and pictures.


  • There is cell reception/service (ATT&T is my provider) for those who want to be connected and get there social media in but something about being offline for a day was great for us.
  • No running water or electricity inside the cabins but we did see a clean and well maintained bathrooms with a toilet/sink (no showers)
  • Bring your sleeping bag/pad/pillow/ some cushions for the bed platforms as there is no mattress include in the cabin
  • Don’t forget a later, headlamp, utensils, water and binoculars for fun
  • They have a stack of wood near the parking spots for sale ($8 cash only) if you forget to bring your own
  • Each cabin has its own BBQ Grill. The wood heater/stove inside was used as a cooking stove  (watch the kiddies carefully when this is on) and it worked perfectly! We had seasoned fish in foil and it cooked fast.

Biggest Cost

$110 for one night

They release open dates in blocks on, 1 Month at a time for dates 6 months in advance (on the first day of the month at 8am PT). It is a very popular booking therefore be quick, flexible for weekdays and good luck! It’s worth it.


We just had a jacket and hat on a night (May 2016).

Ended up as the WOW factor

The amount of space in the cabin (easily fit 4 adults, 1 child).

Finally and unexpectedly,  the Whale watching was memorable.

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