My Best Girl Trip Getaways

A true friend is the best possession.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Oh man, Benjamin Franklin said it best. This holds dear to me when I think of my many memorable experiences over the years with some badass, loving, no judgement, always inclusive, kindhearted, supportive, go out of your way female friends that have come into my life. When you find gals like this…keep them close! There have been some moments in my life that I needed these female friendships around to keep my sanity and faith in the world. I constantly celebrate these magnificent creatures in my thoughts as they have part-ownership of my heart.

So with that, I thought I would take this as an opportunity to reflect back on those super fun girl trips I have had over the years. For as long as I can remember, it has always been important to me in taking that break for a girls getaway to descend upon a place for exploring. The last few months I have been busy with travels, work and trip planning thus giving me little time to blog my experiences but that will now change!

These past girl getaway trips have been a mixed of road trips, hiking + camping, exploring a city/country and of course adding a adventurous activity!  When you have a positive mind set and inspiring friends around you….these vacations will tend to go perfect. I am grateful for these deep relationships that I encountered over the years.

Here are a few of my favorite Girl Getaway Trip moments and photos.

Trips from January 2012- April 2017

Iceland (4 girls)

Highlight: Midnight search of the Northern Lights in Winter

Peru (6 girls)

Highlight: Mountain peaks for as far as the eye can see

Portland, OR + Coast (2 girls)

Highlight: Best city for run + waterfall hike to earn those donuts cravings

Colorado (3 girls)

Highlight: A refreshing waterfall shower at Hanging Lake on a hot summer day

New Mexico (2 girls)

Highlight: Glistening gypsum dunes that is the White Sands National Monument

Nashville, TN + Great Smoky Mountains NP (5 girls)

Highlight: That Southern Charm, oh my!

Mt. Shasta, CA (4 girls)

Highlight: Off-roading by accident when we didn’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle

Mendocino, CA (6 girls)

Highlight: Photo ops on every turn for a girls music album cover


Steep Ravin Cabin Camping (2 girls)

Highlight: Whale watching + Glamping Vibes

Point Reyes, CA Cabin Camping (3 girls)

Highlight: Brand spankin’ new cabin with electricity, platform bunk beds, a covered porch and electric heater. Glamping at its finest!

Salt Lake City, UT (2 girls)

Highlight: Miles of reflection at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Yosemite National Park Camping (3 girls)

Highlight: A Fall season peaceful weekend in the park

Aspen, CO (4 girls)

Highlight: Our first (how did we get on this trail) mogul ride, can you say ‘ouch’!

Aspen Snowmass

Mt. Kilimanjaro / Tanzania Africa (31 girls)

Highlight: A group’s love for the mountain in supporting and inspiring each other to the top!

Safari in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania (2 girls)

Highlight: Seeing all of the “big five”

Zion National Park, Utah (6 girls)

Highlight: Pink Coral Sand Dunes and Canyoning Rappelling

Where to go next? Ireland, Mexico City, Charleston. Exciting stuff for the next few months and look forward to blogging on it!

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